Friday, June 06, 2003

Not much writing on Deserters tonight--in fact, some very slight cutting--but I moved one section into a more logical spot. One of the challenges of this flashback organization is to keep it as "random" as one's ordinary memories tend to be, while still maintaining some kind of narrative coherence and flow. I suspect that when the draft is complete, I'll have to print it out and review the whole thing...and probably do more rearranging.

Still, I'm happy about the way the story is developing. But I'm 20,000 words into the beginning, and Jack has been at work in the library for only about five days! I may have to consider skipping some days...can't have Weighty and Significant Stuff happening to him every day of the summer.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Did just a few lines on Deserters tonight, but they finished an important passage--Jack's recollection of Sid's suicide. It will need some minor tweaking, but over all it works pretty well.

I've also dug out my account of teaching Webwriting in Brazil--might revise it and send it off to Educom Review or some such periodical.

I need to do some research for Henderson. Maybe tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Went out of town to Hornby Island for a couple of days, enjoying walks on the beaches and lots of peace and quiet. Didn't get much writing done, but thought a lot about the current novels.

Last night I carried on with the dinner at Astrid's in Deserters, and it led (to my surprise) to another of Jack's flashbacks: this one to the November afternoon when he finds Sid Gardiner's body. Don't know why I said this surprised me, except that the dinner sequence is still unfolding in its own way. At the time of Sid's suicide, Jack still didn't know his wife Elizabeth was still carrying on an affair with her former prof. That discovery came (I now know) when Jack went home and told her.

Jack also found a couple of burned photos in Sid's house, and retrieved one--it's the only known photo of Maddy's mother, the Vietnamese woman Sid had been sleeping with in Saigon. (Oops! Just realized I have to tidy up the timeline--Sid has to be a very recent returnee, since the "adoption" of Maddy in 1972 happened when Maddy was about a year old. Or should I make her older?)

Most of my time since getting back from Hornby has been devoted to working on content for a revised Web site for the Communications Department at Capilano College--tedious but necessary work. But I'm also thinking a lot about Henderson's Tenants--the chief hurdle right now is the technobabble about the actual design and programming of the nanobots that will save both Mike Henderson and Patty Paek. Once those gadgets are actually going to work, the story will roll right along.

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