Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Well, I might get some writing done later this evening, but I still have packing and organizing to do for our trip to Jasper tomorrow. You'd think that after doing the same journey every summer since 1979 that we would have it down to a science by now...but no.

Well, it'll go all right.

Spent much of my day (when not packing) working on not one but two TypePad blogs. Created a new one from scratch for our musician friends Andre Thibault and Qiu Xia He, who run two superb world music groups here in Vancouver. You can visit Jou Tou and Silk Road Music and see what I managed to cobble together in about an hour.

If I'm really energetic and get some writing done tonight, I'll try to post here again. If not, then be of good cheer and I'll be back in a week and a bit.

Monday, July 07, 2003

No time for fiction tonight--went back to the other blog and learned a little more about creating links. Works pretty well, but not perfectly.

So I'll think about the novels and try to get something done on them tomorrow before we leave and I'm doing all my writing in a loose-leaf notebook.
This has been an unexpectedly busy day. First, I got cc'd by my editor at Self-Counsel Press, who was writing to FictionPress to tell them to cease and desist with the plagiarism. Very intimidating, and I'm glad he wasn't aiming at me!

Then FictionPress wrote back to say the plagiarist was gone, history, forget about him. Well, that was nice.

Then I got an alert from TypePad, another blogging tool, saying that I was now one of their beta testers. When I signed up I should have realized my holidays might complicate matters, and such is the case: I'm gone on Wednesday and not back for over a week.

Still, I went in and whipped up a new blog with surprisingly little grief. It's not perfect, and I won't have time to correct most of my errors (not to mention the built-in problems of the beta version). You can see the results at Writing for the Web.

Hope to get some time tonight to work on Henderson...

Sunday, July 06, 2003

Not a bad evening's work...Chapter 6 is pretty well finished. We've got John Dwyer on board as a guinea pig, and Mike has been talking to Patty Paek and her father about what's being planned.

In the next chapter they'll all be together in the lab for the meeting. Some of the team will be alarmed and baffled about Mike's new ideas for a virus-bot, but he'll persuade them. We also have to pay some attention to the outside world, which should be increasingly unpleasant: not just water shortages and epidemics, but the perennial War. Need a glimpse of how the rich are coping as well; I haven't said enough yet about the fascist-welfare state of 2030 North America.

Well, that's all for tomorrow and the day after--and then on Wednesday we're off for a computer-free holiday in the Rockies, and I'll be scribbling in my notebook for a week or more.

Maybe this is a good time to repeat my free-book offer, which is now buried in my April archives.

In the past year while on paid educational leave, I put together two books: Work in Progress: Collected Essays 1972-2002, and Bring the Jubilee: Fifteen Years in Computer Education.

The first is a compendium of everything from grad-school essays to speeches on education to a memoir about growing up blacklisted in Mexico.

The second is an annotated collection of similar pieces dealing with online education--from the primitive days of telephone conferencing in 1987 to the primitive days of Web-based courses in 2003. I've learned about online education by making lots of mistakes, and those in turn have taught me about face-to-face education as well.

Each book is a PDF file of about half a meg, and I'll be happy to send you a copy of either or both of them.

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